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We have a new president, of an unfortunate temperament.. . No matter if he might be educated, he speaks ignorantly, short words, short phrases, repetitivaly, stupidly, not just ignorantly.  He lies…just fact check what he says.  I voted, I guess some progressives just took it for granted that the outcome would be good, that it was in the bag…

I ordered some new T-shirts today, with appropriate slogans, for daily wear during the next few years.  I hope to be castigated by DRUMPF voters, applauded by the downtroden as things play out…

we’ll see



Evolving, this time with a more articulate (for now) and fully supported (by me) viewpoint on current affairs.

Politics From The Middle

There is a sickness in America today and it is not Ebola nor the flu. It is partisanship and the denial of reason. How long the fever lasts we do not know. The patient’s condition is growing more and more serious as the fever is increasing. The patient is American democracy and our Republic.

Not since the days preceding the Civil War have we seen such dysfunction, such passion and loss of reason. Civil disobedience is spreading across the land due to injustice. Hate speak is increasing due to the obsession of some against people of color whether they be immigrants or their neighbors. Talk of Impeachment is in the air. Climate volatility is bringing extreme weather to us all but the chorus of denial just gets louder. We are living in a Hobbesian world, a world in which libertarians are doing what he or she sees fit, a selfish…

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When this campaign for President had a critical moment, which was the revelation that Donald Trump had made a statement indicating that it was more than okay to physically assault women,  Republica…



I still don’t know what I’m doing, , ,

I’ve decided that periodic ramblings are the way to go…


My friend Gar has been expressing himself in the political arena.  He makes some sense, but I don’t agree with him entirely.

He never thought Bernie Sanders had a chance, always declaring HRC to be the best choice, especially after the Donald managed to preempt the republicans.  But I never held any confidence in Either Clinton, they are both indebted to the same big money supporting the elephants.

And It Was Pretty Close. At 73, I nearly got a chance to vote for a “best choice”.

But the party bigwigs rigged it, so, I have come to the conclusion that I will have to go back to working for the “lesser evil” again.

My belief is that our country could not survive The Donald.  Therefore, my first priority will be to support Dr. Jill Stein, hoping that those of us hoping for a real revolution can secure a place on the ballot for someone who will truly uphold the progressive policies that were personified by Sanders.

Failing that, the fallback position becomes the lesser evil.  But here, the goal becomes to assure the lesser evil without allowing a landslide.  I.E.  Deny any apparent mandate by shaving the percentage with third candidate voting.

Therefore, I am recommending a vote for HRC only if  The Donald might win and Jill Stein can’t.

As a Side note, this is the first election cycle in which I’ve personally participated, knocking on doors and phone banking for Sanders.  It’s also the first time I’ve contributed financially. But no more of my meager funds will ever go to national slush funds under “party” control.  Contributions will go mostly to local candidates , and never thru actblue type organizations.

So, that’s my ramble for this time…..